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Sunday, April 24, 2011

AJWAIN -the wonderful spice

BISHOP'S WEED  aka Ajwain is an important  spice used in a variety of dishes.
It's a good remedy for vomiting, tumour, abdominal tumour,great laxative and appetizer. for mouth ulcer.

It's used to treat flatulence,by adding a teaspoonful to warm water.
a great remedy for intestinal infections.

To aid digestion, add a spoonful to buttermilk and take.It acts as an instant antacid,relieving gastric problem.

Soak ajwain in water overnight and consume the water the next day to stay free from any stomach disorder.

For regular alcohol consumers, having a teaspoon of ajwain twice a day removes discomfort in the stomach.It also lessens the craving for the alcohol.

Chronic bronchitis and asthma can be relieved by taking ajwain,make a paste of ajwain and jaggery  by heating them together and having two teaspoonful twice  a day helps in expelling the mucous but not advisable for diabetics.

For treating chronic cold and migraine ,powder ajwain and spread it into a cloth inhale this frequently to feel better.

 Also one can crush a tablespoon of this and make it into a small bundle and keep it near the pillow. this will clear the nasal passage.

To cure influenza,drink boiled water with a half spoon of ajwain and half a teaspoon of cinnamon thrice a day for three days.

For cough, chewing a few ajwain and drinking hot water would help.

For dry calf have it with betel leaf and chew it before going to bed.
Gargling  with ajwain boiled water helps in tooth ache.

Massaging the aching joints of arthritis with ajwain oil brings relief.

A drop of this oil cures ear ache.

Consuming a small quantity of this ajwain during pregnancy helps in the purification of blood and lowers back ache.

Applying ajwain paste on venomous snake bites is a quick remedy.

Those who have kidney stones,can take ajwain with vinegar or honey regularly .


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