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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vaastu sashtra

 Truly speaking some of the vaastu guidelines were practiced by our ancestors.
Sweeping is always from the entrance to the inner house. Vaastu says, if you do it the other way Goddess Lakshmi will go away. What is the reason behind this? Firstly, you are sweeping from the entrance and the chances of throwing or gathering the garbage in front of the entrance is avoided.  This is to give the house a good look.  
 Next is not keeping the garbage outside after evening so as to avoid piling up and being disturbed by stray animals at night. It may not be a pleasant sight for the next day early morning. 
Never are two brooms put together or kept in a high place. Mostly they are either hung or placed behind the door. The sweeping portion of the broom should not touch the ground. Now a days its place is in the balcony.  [Just because it helps in keeping the house clean we do not keep it to be seen by all.  It is not a good omen also to see the broom early in the morning as soon as you wake up.]
 The main entrance door should be preferably bigger than the other doors.  
 There should not be any wall or corridor in front of the main door. Whether you come in or go out, you should not encounter a wall or corridor; this prevents the flow of energy in entering the house.  
 The best remedy is to place a horizontal mirror inside on the wall for the energy to double. Mirror helps in circulating the energy instead of hitting a wall.
 It is always better to open the windows in the morning for the air, light to enter the rooms so that you get plenty of +ve energy. 
 Hanging the picture of Lord Ganesha in a sitting pose on the main door is considered good.  
 Never hang the Goddess Gajalakshmi photo inside the house facing the entrance. This signifies that ‘Goddess’ is ready to leave your house.
 Placing or leaving the slippers, shoes out in front of the door or inside is not good. They should not be visible, esp. that of the inmates.
 The path from the main door to inside the room [4,-6 feet] should be left open free without any obstruction for the energy to enter freely.
 Hanging family pictures in the hall were done by elders.
 The same thing can be done, provided it is a happy family photo.
 Any type of hanging photos of family or scenery should be symmetrical.  In the sense one side of the wall should not have more photos than the other 3 sides. There should not be any imbalance of photos on the wall. 
Pendulum clocks bring and retain the positive energy. Favourable for students. 
Any clocks or alarm pieces which do not work should be thrown as these hinder the progress.
 Unnecessary pictures or any wall hanging which does not have any significance to the inmates is worth discarding. It is equal to cluttering the wall.
‘’ No’’ to pictures of wild beasts, snake crow, owl and pigeon. You can have’’ swastika,’’ ‘’ohm ‘’as these prevent the evil influences. 
Picture, wall paint/poster of waterfall, twin birds, and women is advisable. It makes the energy flow freely.
 First of all, it is wiser not to keep any wooden pieces, curios, stuffed toys. Even if they are kept, it is better to keep them in a closed cupboard rather than in the open. It does not bring any positive energy. [Alternatively, keep dusting regularly as accumulation of dust hampers the progress.]
 Living room tiles color should not be red, or black, they can be of white, yellow, blue and green. Red is fierce and black is discreet.  To overcome this spread a carpet of light shades on the floor.
 The hall / living room should be free from clutter. Some times one can feel having a kind of choking feeling once one enters some houses.  This is because of cluttering of the furniture pieces.  
 Free movement allows the positive energy to flow freely without any obstruction. [The basic reason was that the more pieces, the more you move carefully.]
 The head of the house has to sit facing the main door, to be aware of the danger, and be cautious. 
  If the north east area is untidy and shabby; the well being of the male issue is bound to be precarious. So keep it clutter free.
Planting the Tulsi or having the tulsi is auspicious but its height should not be above 1.5 mtrs.
 Avoid plastic flowers, pots, plants, cactus, bonsai plants [they are famous for stunted growth] etc in the houses. Dead flowers mean ‘dead’, do not promote prosperity.
 Hanging of chandeliers, wind chimes above the head or at the centre of the living room is not advisable. It is the ‘brahmasthaan ‘’ It should be left open.
Sitting or sleeping under the beam causes a lot mental agony.
 All the doors inside the house should open fully.  Keep the cupboards and drawers closed when not in use, in this way energy is constantly maintained. 
 Always keep the bathroom, toilet doors closed. [Better to use Anti bacterial solutions frequently.]
 Repair the leaky roof, taps, squeaking doors to avoid wasting of money. 
 Do not go for any storage sofa sets-or cots [never dump anything below the mattresses / under the cots] it affects the magnetic environment of the self and the room causing sleeping disorders.
Don’t change the pillow, bed covers at night.
 Do not place mirrors in front of the bed; they generate negative energy.
[Vaasthu says, it is almost equivalent to having a third person.]
 Neither the head nor the feet should face the room door.  
Shoes, chappals should not be kept in the bed room.
 All the furniture should be kept some inches away from the wall, study table should have minimum books and the more one clutters the more energy wasted. 
The table should be apt, too big diminishes the working capacity, and small brings depression. Facing east or north is preferred while studying.
 Dining table can be in oval, square, or rectangle and never round.
 Cluttering of the table should be avoided when not in use.
 The center table in the living room, drawing room should be presentable with all the newspapers, magazines neatly kept.
Even things, clothes and other items in the cupboard should be kept neatly folded or piled.
Placing chalk pieces, '[வசம்பு] vasambhu  or camphor prevents the things from absorbing moisture.
 All the unwanted, unused clothes, bottles and other things should never find a place in the house; it amounts to unwanted energy stored.
Listening to soft, subdued music, devotional or light music, chanting of slokas, mantras bring +ve vibration. 
When one feels that he/she is low, play this music, close the eyes and just listen, it revives the +ve energy.
 Many are so obsessed with some old, antique pieces like, wooded articles, tables, chairs, Cribs, cupboards etc. they keep it irrespective of its utility mainly due to its sentimental value. . 
Many a times, vaastu experts have noticed these do not bring positive energy. Cluttering keeps one in the past, and does not allow progress.   It is better to discard them.   
In a true sense, many are concerned about hoarding books, periodicals thinking that they will come into use one day. Have they ever tried to see them in the previous 6 months or so? If not, there is no use of keeping them and they are equally redundant.
And with the Net freely available to extract information, it is futile to store these books.
Experts say that whenever one steps out of the house, taking a pinch of sugar brings luck. Carrying a small piece of betel nut in the purse brings prosperity. Betel leaves can also be kept provided one keeps changing, remember this is not for any other purpose.
 Purses where one keeps money should never be kept open at night to darkness, it is better it is kept inside the cupboard or in the drawers or in the hand bags.
 While applying oil on the head, both the hands should not be used, it is better one by one both the hands are used, [using both simultaneously takes away the wealth.]
 Lighting ‘agarbathis’ in the living room in the evening brings good health and wealth. 
  Pooja room should never be below the staircase, above or below or close to the toilet. Puja room should have 2 doors/ shutters.
It is a practice to keep the TV, PC in one’s bed room. These emit waves immediately, even after switching off and it affects the sleep. 
The best thing is to cover them once it is switched off/shut down to prevent the rays affecting the person/s.

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