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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kitchen Management


 Keeping the onion peel on the head reduces tears while cutting onions.

After peeling onions cut in half and soak in water for about 10 minutes before cutting to avoid crying. 

Chopping dry fruits - Freeze them first for one hour ,then dip the knife into hot water before cutting them.

 Use kitchen scissors to break them into pieces.   

 Chopping vegetables can be done in different ways using a sharp knife and a wooden chopping board.
Cutting on a marble slab will blunt your knives.

 Dry roast lady finger in a tawa or kadai to prevent them from sticking to each other.  

 If you boil vegetables in water, do not throw the water; keep it to make gravy or soups.

Wash, silver utensils with this water.  

Keep coriander leaves in a muslin cloth bag or wrap them in news paper in the refrigerator. They will remain fresh for a longer time.  

 Keep the tomatoes in the freezer tray two hours before making salad dressing to get the shape.·  

Peel vegetables as thinly as possible to preserve the minerals and vitamins.
 Remove the stems of green chilies while storing them .This will help them to stay fresh for long. 
 Soak almonds in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes .The skin will peel off easily.
Soak potatoes, plantain [kachha kela], and egg plant after cutting, to avoid discoloration.  
To avoid browning of apples after cutting, apply a little lemon juice on the cut surface. The apples will stay and look fresh for a longer time.     

 Wash vegetables before peeling or cutting to preserve the water soluble vitamins. 

  Wrap the fruits and vegetables in newspaper before refrigerating to keep them fresh for long. 

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