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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kitchen Management -

 A clever and wise home maker should be vigilant enough to know the offers available in the market. 

One should never order over telephone the monthly provisions as there are chances of the  shopkeepers or the delivery boys  cheating is possible.

While planning to buy the monthly provisions, you can plan it in such a way that every alternate month you buy things in bulk like one month detergents, soap powder, phenyol, toilet cleaners etc, next month concentrate on kitchen requirements.

Always buy stem less red chillies; you can save the quantity for not paying for the stem.

Always check the weight and the price of the items you buy, the more quantity, you can save money in large quantity. 

Also check the expiry dates if there is any combo offer at the time of any festivals as special offers or discounts. 

Always preserve the bills and the mode of payment till the next month for any case of exchanges or defective packages.

Better to buy packed things than buying in loose, chances of discrepancies in weight is possible. 

Check the varieties / qualities available e.g. dania, urad dal, sugar, turdal, boiled rice etc have two three qualities. Prices differ as well their qualities. 

Once you get the provisions, open them to see for any worms, or stones before transferring them into containers. It is better to keep specific containers for the items to know the weight and measures. 

Cut the detergents if they are big and long for easy handling and there will not be any wastage. 

Do not use the whole phenyol as it is, divide them into two equal portions and add water to dilute the concentrated liquid. 

If buying oils in sachet, after transferring them ,cut all the three sides, spread atta and use the atta for kneading roti. 

Mix Vim powder with wheel powder for washing utensils cut the nylon scrubbers into three portions for easy handling. Keep replacing frequently.

Soak the kitchen towel in hot water added to besan, along with soap powder. 

Use the old discarded pillow covers, cotton dupattas, and bed sheets after stitching them to the requirements as foot rest for kitchen and bathrooms.  

You can use the kurta, kurti, salwar tops as apron by removing the arm stitch and the side joint and can stitch strings or tapes attached to the neck and back of the apron to tie them around your neck and hip.

  Use the Plastic covers of ‘Pillsbury’, ‘Ashirwad’, and ‘Annapurna’ atta for drying things like dania, red chillies etc in the sun, can be used as a  spread sheet  to grate coconuts, for cleaning greens, peeling peas etc. 

·  Either write with a chalk piece on the gas cylinder the date or paste the sheet from the daily sheet calendar to mark the date of use.

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