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Monday, February 28, 2011

Power of the Press

No man’s day starts without reading a news paper. It has become an integral part of his
life. It is the window to the world, opening the wider part to unfold. Sri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee said the newspaper should be a voice of the voiceless. And it should be the hope of the hopeless. There is no doubt that serious and progressive newspapers play an honoured role in their national endeavour.

 There was an increasing tendency in a section of the media to project trivial things in life, to highlight the fads and fashions of the rich and the over-privileged. The common man is often invisible in the pages of our glossy newspapers and magazines.

Indian newspapers had a long and proud tradition of highlighting exploitation in society and corruption and wrongdoing in the corridors of power; such vigilance would have to be based on veracity.

That truthful and factual news reporting must be combined with variety and diversity in
news analysis and comment. The role of a responsible newspaper in shaping and moulding public opinion must be balanced against its primary role  as an objective on the delicate balance it has been able to achieve in terms of the multiple objectives, thecore values of truthful ,fair and balanced journalism.

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