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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweet Memories Down the Lane !!!!!!!!!!

 It's a surprise to each one of us to have gone back in the memory. Actually while talking , viji came with the idea of going back to Tirunelveli in Dec with sudha, bhuvan and guha- is already there cld guide us.
 I was thinking over it ,for appa's aabdhigam anyhow ,we, 4 sisters will be attending   and I thought why not this time go back to our early childhood and  college days memories.

I told Uma and she said we can go and nandu would give his car, we can go on any of the 2 days-Thursday or Friday
I told viji to come with her camera and it was known to both of us only.

 Afterwards, on Friday , after food we told bhuvan and sudha about our plan and we set out with the most enthu driver Balasundaram. Nandu made the route map via velachery and covered all the places of visit.

But when  we left it was around 2pm and we took the maduravyil route to Tambaram we could reach in 40 min. the driver was surprised to hear the purpose of visit and he started showing interest . he didnot leave us alone and accompanied to some places.

we were thrilled to see the same 203 the palam near the house, the othayadi paadhai, [ single narrow lane ]The workers who were laying the road questioned us for taking photos . In the mean time sudha and bhuvana went in search of the spl, DABBA thoti  [ hope you can guess!],to their shock or surprise it was not there, that is the photo they walk thro the othayadi padhai .

 the 187 -b  outward appearance is the same ,only the garden is reduced with the maamaram [mango tree] and veppamaram [ neem tree ]remaining the same, missing were the bougan villa, maadhulam maram ,[ pomegranate ] marudhani [ mehandi ] and kodukkapuli marams ,the path ways from 203 to 187 is very bushy, on the whole the colony is in shabby and dilapidated condition, the condition being the rent outside is less and flats are modern.

 we took the house photo of the neigbours, danam, devayanai, sethuramu.......
the institute and the temple near the poondy bazar road are the same .

 the elementary school structure is now with proper building unlike those days koorai  [kachha  thatched roof ] the Principal was happy to welcome us and she insisted we meet sister Cleeta in the convent, Sister Daffarose also being there. we were explaining to her the teachers and our association with them , she mentioned Chellam teacher still there in tambaram. The school has not changed the names of the groups till now ,on the way to selaiyur we saw the bungalow where lali athai's marriage took place!

 We did not have time to meet people at the high school as evg prayer was going on , we just took snaps .
We went to 8 meenakshi street, the gate was open so we took the liberty of entering the house and went  to backside, no one noticed. we took some photos and while I was taking photo with sudha, viji and bhuvana were discussing about the neighbour and all of a sudden one gentle man came out to know whether they are the owner Usha' daughters.

  viji asked him whether he knew anything about Udaykumar, he replied that he was Uday's father, and viji again questioned him about the man who worked in Corporation and he replied that he was the one.

 They said that ''we have lived here' and our father was in State Bank, immediately he said K.P.Gangadharan ' s daughters?
 The happiness knew no bounds !

At last the same neighbours , he was thrilled and called out to his wife, in the mean time they called sudha and me , we joined them.

they told viji that she was thin but now she has put on weight esp her face !, he remembered my name, shambavi, govi ,krishna and sudha, they could not recollect amma's name as they know her as mami but remember her nose ring!

Ramachandran's brother  had twin grand daughters and they looked everywhere in the net for names and Rajathi, their first daughter suggested mathangi and shambavi as these two names are old as well new go for ''ella kaalam ''recalling us. they gav ecoffe, rajathi is in anna nagar , uday in salem doing business and the younger one puppy in east tambaram vyasar street .

  hope to continue later .

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