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Monday, October 11, 2010

Beware of Cheats!!!

Today an old man  from Salem, TN called up home in the morning to ask for some money to buy mangal sutra for his daughter, on the advice of his 90 years old mother. He asked for my husband stating that randomly he picked up ' iyers' and my husband should help him by giving some money to buy the same.

My husband without a second thought, carefully took down the bank details  [ SBM, Aathur branch ]and a/c no to deposit the cheque to favour his good deed!

When my husband briefed me, I shot a quiver of questions, like the mode of picking up our number, his Salem address, the name of the person who referred my husband, the wedding date, invitation etc.

 There was no answer from my husband coz, he has been emotionally taken for  a ride , in the midst of navarathiri celebration, today being the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, he felt it was a indeed a good gesture ,if he sends money to this old man.

Somewhere it started ringing a bell as I have heard my niece, Gowri referring the same incidence 2 years back, if my memory is correct, it was either Ramachandran or Venkateshan from Salem!

Fortunately today my husband forgot to take his mobile, [he has given his mobile number to this old man] and the call came from him.

Caller:     I called Mr. K.Kumar Iyer in the morning and I told him about my daughter’s marriage.

Me:  yes, but we need time, and we cannot act immediately, so please give us some time.

Caller:  but today evening I am going to purchase the ‘thirumangalyam ‘[mangal sutra].

Me: could you pl. give me your Salem address, my brother’s daughter is studying there, I can ask her to give you.

Caller: ‘’appadiya’’…………………….[ ohhhhh]
He hung the phone.

 After an hour ,I tried calling this number from airtel, BSNL, and all I got was either check this number or this number does not exist or engaged tone .

 I found out from my niece and she confirmed that this gentle man was a cheat, the same reason was quoted and she sent him RS. 1000/ and after the cheque was cleared , his number was deactivated .
be sure do not fall a prey to these cheats!

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