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Monday, August 9, 2010

Budding Artiste ---------- Srividya

'' ஈன்ற பொழுதின் பெரிதுவக்கும் தன்மகனை 
சான்றோன் எனக்கேட்ட தாய் ''

Srividya ,my first  niece who was the first child I came into contact in full, is a loving and affectionate girl, she was more attached to me in early 3 years, I was free and took care of her, she would call me 'maakani [ 'மாகாணி' ]chithi ,she after my marriage in 1977 said that 'chithi has changed after chithappa came '' this was because she failed to understand, I  belonged to another family. 

 Now I am proud and elated to see her vocal recital  on the stage , that too carnatic songs,   to my knowledge  no one from my family has sung for big audience, it is true for small family functions many have sung in groups and solo. 

 She was out of country for some 9 years,the distance  did not deter her from  going ahead with her learning, here I have to mention that she learnt before marriage in Chennai,she learnt from Mrs . Srividya Ramnath there,  and her interest to perform on stage drove her to - 'come what may ', .

Both her daughters falling sick quite often, change in climate after settling in India in 2009, gave her the fighting spirit to her determination. She swam against all odds and decided to pursue her dream and fulfil it . 

 I know how much she has to rigorously practice, to ensure that there is no goofing on the stage.
 From selecting the songs  carefully with a variety in ragas, to have an easy shift  among each composition frequent throat irritation lowering her confidence,...... She is like phoenix, every time she undergoes some trouble , her interest in music makes her get up in full swing and does full justice. Infact this interest has given her enough strength to take the bull by its horns and come up in flying colours. 

 With a family and in-laws , it is not everyone's cup of tea to live upto one's dreams, she is doing it and I am sure one day she will give performance during the December music season in Chennai.

 The main back up for her is her husband , Gowri Shankar who is equally interested and is learning Mrudangam  , apart from a good vocalist , without his support and encouragement she would not have made it to this extent... 'Behind every woman's success there is a man' .Yes some times it is the other way round.

So far she has given  four times in Delhi one among being in her kids' school, with a brief introduction to the two songs she sung. She has named her two daughters the ragas name ... Madhuvanti and Hemavati .

 One needs a lot of self-confidence, courage and a thorough knowledge of the subject matter to face a large gathering , she has it and has carried herself very well  to the fullest satisfaction of others i.e the organizers, her own expectation and us of course her well wishers and relatives.  Srividya, you have made us proud!!!

 ''May Goddess Saraswathi  shower Her Blessings  in Full''. 

 The recent one given on 8 th august has fine tuned her earlier performances. 
I would rate them as 

Ganamurte    - Ganamurte

Ennai Nee Maravadhey - Amritavarshini - 

  Kanakasabhapathikku     -Atana
Ivan Aaro -    Kambodhi - 

Seethapathey -       Desh

Gajavadana    Sriranjani


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