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Friday, July 23, 2010


Jenicca started crying as our opposite neighbor’s kids also joined us and after seeing so many people around with the Tamizh language she was finding it difficult to adjust.

She did not leave Anjan, and Anjan did not move from her place, making a radius of 1 meters in the dining and I was shocked to see Anjan so dull and with haggard look, I decided to give her timely food and proper sleep, to handle the ‘kutti chaathaan ‘’myself , ‘pyar se ‘I call Jenicca . It is mainly due to lack of proper sleep that she is looking so pulled down. So my first step is to gradually draw Jenicca's attention towards me, and within 5 days she started coming to me by calling ,’ba’ Gujarati way of addressing grand ma. Though she was familiar with Sneha- Sneha was with them for a few days in April.

She picked up Tamizh, since we started talking to her in Tamizh, she very coolly called ‘thatha, thatha’, mama, and she could not say ‘Patti or mami. Sneha would talk to her in English, Arjun in a combination gujju and Tamizh, I a mixture of all but mostly I liked to ‘Konjify’ her in Tamizh. ’

Some how she found the house familiar and started moving on fours all around, quickly understood the places fixed for each one , Anjan either in her room or in Wash room, self either kitchen or hall, thatha either in bed room or hall, Arjun in his room and mami in kitchen .Accordingly she will go and find out. If Anjan is in Washroom we have to tell her that amma, ‘nahine’ signifying that she is taking bath, then she would keep quiet or stand in front of the door and keep calling her.

I took the opportunity to take her forcibly out and then she enjoyed going out, seeing dogs, people, crows, squirrels and a kitten . She would say, ‘ba- ba’ for going out and I would have something to buy so I always take my purse and hanky, that’s all, she would immediately say, ‘ba, ba –ba, and would follow me religiously.

Later just I have to open the  drawer, she would immediately pester me to take her out. Always she would like to carry the purse, and she would hold it tightly. In this way I would be seen at least 4 times in a day. Initially to make her get sleep, we were taking her to ‘Yamuna’ park to play in the swing at 10.30 pm later we stopped it. At any time of the day if she says ‘eeikkaa ‘, we have to take her to ‘jula’. 

While she was with me, I would be going on narrating stories, action songs and nursery rhymes and pointing the things around her. She was thrilled to see the plants swaying, the leaves moving and the breeze touching her face, there will be a big sweet smile on her face. When asked, Kathu, eppdima adichadu? She would say zzzzzz……. [.’ How did the breeze blow’? ]

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