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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Corruption and Crime for CURRENCY

Every day, I open the news paper with a frown, it's always murder for gain, illicit relationship, acting in an impulse,rape, torture, wife bashing, suicide etc ...blah.blah... apart form the political scams, which would swallow the whole world.

 Where are we going? or should I say where are we taking the world to ......... doors of DOOM !!!!!!!!!

 Crime like  looting, burglary, chain snatching,  killing out of rivalry, apart from these, naxalites, terrorists, militants....  O, God when are we going to make this place safe for living in peace, Independence to do freewill - what one wants to do?

 The bloody Satish Gupta  [ Infosys] who did a cold blooded murder of his wife of 4 years- what has the education given him - to lose his humanity, if at all it is for anything including not getting a child, he could have very well divorced her, what right has he got to take her life? One side an ailing  old lady is crying for mercy killing -here  mercilessly killed!

What is happening? The political scam only triggers my throwing up , sick of them amassing wealth by looting us -the poor tax payers, any where from birth of a child  in the hospital to the crematorium , it is absolute corruption   nothing but corruption. A big CORRUPTION for CURRENCY .

 So many commissions with no results but the officers enjoying special benefits as SIT. 

 All we need is quick courts to settle and  punishment -hang till death nothing else will do ,we can empty the prisons completely  by fast trials.

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