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Friday, July 23, 2010


Then I looked around to see Anjan, Arjun, and Sneha behind, my immediate reaction was, ‘this is not fair, it is bad not telling me’, and I shouted to get my husband 's attention to come and see who has come. In the mean time Arjun said, amma, can she come inside or aarathi to be taken?
‘Wait and I will bring aarathi to both of them ‘I said and went inside and I was going on saying that that was not correct and went inside brought and took aarathi for both Anjan and jenicca, jenicca is coming after her 1 st b’day
 Arjun was saying that that means I am not happy of her advance arrival. It is not so. No one would be disappointed, Actually that day only I was thinking that I should take a snap of jenicca at the airport as we could not take when we first went, as it was all of a sudden Anjan decided by 8.30 am to take the evening flight at 6 to Ahmedabad   on the same day due to Swine flu scare, jenicca was just 4 months old.

 Later, Arjun said that he has taken a snap of jenicca on the luggage trolley. My wish is fulfilled!
 I was thrilled to welcome my ‘Patta ‘

 The surprise element here is Anjan has told my sis and my amma and all except us her parents as she wanted it a surprise. No wonder Arjun lied about his non existent friend and asked for ‘alu sabji ‘and ‘Mysore rasam’! 
 Later arjiun said , amma it is sure that you are getting aged, so not able to take any surprises. 
I replied,' I can but in this case I wanted to come and see Jenicca and take photo of her , I am happy that you had already taken'.
 I never knew that there is an age for surprises!!!!!

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