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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome back

Anjan was supposed to come on the 30 th of May but unfortunately the marriage which was to take place was called off and I suggested her to advance her trip so that we get more time to be with her and Jenicca.

She had planned to come by 5 th may and the house underwent some changes to accommodate Jenicca who would be walking and laying her hands on everything around as per her height so also Anjan’s room needs to be made ready for her. So the previous week end of April we installed Inverter, and Arjun, Sneha and self started cleaning the house with ‘Easy off bang,’ ‘harpic’ and ‘mops’ etc. it was like a ‘utasv ‘.

We were thrilled as we are going to spend time with Jenicca after 8 months that too when she has started crawling and trying to stand on her own! Anjan has sent by road some packages with toys, her dresses and other things.

It was 1 st may, Saturday when Arjun told me that one of his friends on the way to Chennai is dropping at our place on Sunday for morning breakfast and I need to do masala dosa with ‘palya ‘for his friend and Mysore rasam for him.

His friend was expected by 11 am on Sunday, he would inform him by early morning and I do not have to hurry in doing the preparation.

I took it for granted and did so- on the same lines by asking Lakshmi the cook to do. .As usual my husband went to Madiwala to get vegetables and later by eleven Arjun, sneha went out.

I had my lunch at 11.40 and the FM was playing all old songs and I remembered Anjan, as she listens to old songs and almost most of the songs were from her collection. I was thinking I should make her listen to them once she comes here.

My husband came by 12 and he and his lunch by 1.30 and he was lying on the floor in Arjun’s room it was a hot afternoon, and I was busy reading the news paper when I heard the car lock and I did not bother to see or check! But after some time the door bell rang and though I did not expect anyone other than Arjun, thinking it could be someone I opened the door and LO I can’t believe what I saw!

It took some time to register that the one sitting on the suitcase was in fact ‘Jenicca ‘

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