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Monday, April 5, 2010

Lime Light

 It is quite funny for me to see how people push and nudge to be in the lime light . These are people who I feel would like to be always in the good books of others irrespective of their attitude and  behaviour. Some times it is irritating to see them crave for this bubble like momentary focus.

 I have experienced some pushing to be in the photos and videos  in whatever way and wherever they can.

 At times it gets on your nerves when they say that the photographer or the video walah has said that they look nice in this kind of hair do or make up or the pose.

 Conscious of their look, they try to be smart and all the time look for chances to be focused and trying to look beautiful adjusting the 'pallu', hair style, posture etc..

 Some times  deliberately they would stealthily 'creep in ' group photos with a Aishwarya 's smile- [plastic ] and then would cook cock and bull story to say how the photographer wanted so and so to  come and pose for the photos.Even while selecting dresses to be worn for the occasion, they would not mind having a small confrontation with others just to get the beautiful sari from others!.

 I have seen in two ,three cases, [even the bride is not spared] the pushing is done  to be clicked in the photos,it is surprising to see the same person again and again on many occasions and whatever the relationship may be ,whether distant or close relative will definitely be there on the dais . 

What to talk of videos!, Here it will be full of instructions as an important person. All the time they are not lucky because Murphy's law comes in their way, you should see the deflated mood going  pu...ssssss...sssss ..., Lo, water has been poured on their much hyped make up and lime light!!!!.   The mood swings !

 The next is getting importance or the talk of the town  during occasions like any functions or get to gether. 

They cannot see anyone taking the piece of cake and walking off with the sole tag of helper!.Because their sole aim is to get the credit for doing something and it is for appreciation only . Their blood would boil if the undue credit is given to a non deserving person. 

 Some how I have been surrounded by this type of persons in my life.

 I am a person who would always like to be back stage and more interested in seeing how things work out and the  outcome rather than the focus on 'ME' . 

 To me  offering help voluntarily is fine enough to satisfy me  and I always feel proud that God has given me a chance to be useful and helpful to others in need of help. 
 I help and forget that is because my sole aim is to make them comfortable and lend a helping hand with out expecting anything in return , including a 'thanks' . Those who know me closely, understand that there is no 'thank you' in my vocabulary, I feel it is only for strangers. Actually every one should thank God for sending a messiah thro someone .

Tell me what is that these type of people going to achieve from this ?

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