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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is news to me when my daughter-in-law told me as a piece of information that I can make a 'DIGITAL WILL.' One can dig it all

 I am quite surprised when I went into the details. 

I have multiple accounts, one in yahoo and two in g mail, among these one is purely for storing mails that are important- not to trap anyone- just relevant, thoughtful, interesting ones. Whenever I renew my contact, I can jam thier in box with these!

All I have in digital is some one thousand carnatic  songs  (vocal )sung by various musicians , and some one thousand carnatic instrumental songs stored in my file apart from the interesting forwarded messages in terms of ppt, pdf ,  jpg  and  all the contents I post in my blog,  [once burnt ,twice wise ] so that I can recover them, instead of writing all over again. Photos are already posted in picasa.

My mail address book is grouped as Family 1, family 2 ,friends and misl contact.

 The funny part is my children know the password of my mail ID, and I am sure and confident they won't lay their hands on them firstly lazy bones to open , secondly no patience to read. (bad to read others' mails.)

I do not have anything else to write  in a 'will' , after my death I  do not know what would happen , atleast they can share my digital will with others!  My kids would inform my death thro my mail ID, all can write obituary messages!

Good   and quite appreciable idea !

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