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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Feast

'Hi, Hitu don't go there, wait for me '

'why should I wait for you all the time?'

' Ritu baby , you come with me, let him dio whatever he wants.' 

'O.K bye'.

 All the three set out for their late night hunt, they decide to go to NGV,preferably the ground floor, easy access, easy escape .  

 Mom and Ritu first target the ground floor 001, it is air tight with no windows or mesh doors open. 

They sulk.

 ' Tonight is a bad night, not much to loot'.   'Let's change our plan' . 

'Come Ritu', 'I 'll try 3 rd floor'.

 'Follow me quietly, '

'sh, sh ,sh....... '', 

who's this?', 

'Oh, Hitu , what happened, you wanted to go alone?'

 'Nothing, not even a drop....'

They try each and every window , hall nothing to be seen, dining not at all, master bedroom not much, ah, kids room everything. 
'Today is Easter feast' . 

 Slight noise, sh,sh, sh..... Hitu and Ritu hide behind the door and almirah. 
 Mom tucks under the cot. 

 All wait for the noise to settle down.

 Mom gives the green  signal,  'apply the immune cream and attack'.  All of them try their best to suck maximum blood from the four kids who are fast asleep after a busy Easter celebration. . 

 No mosquito coil, no Good Night Mat ,no mosquito repellent can affect them. 

 All the Mosquitoes  finished their dessert and left happily for their good time ahead.

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