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Monday, February 22, 2010

Emotional Atyaachar

UTV Bindaas hosts a reality show based on the two timers, here the girls who are in love with, hire the agency to spy on their lovers. The hidden camera follows at times the agency girls pose as prospective lovers and the boy in question is caught red handed!

The boy and the camera go to any length to capture masala.

The main thing is the confidence and trust the girls have on their boyfriends and it slowly and gradually vanishes as the number of clips and the flirting of girls increase!

You should see the expression on the girl’s faces, anger, frustration, depression, helplessness, mistrust and above all a big defeat of their unconditional love without expecting anything.

Sometimes the spying is carried out in the ‘n minute a very short time before the wedding.

My question is what will happen to the boy and the girl involved here, apart form the agency’s hired girls?

It is worth seeing the expression of boys caught, they are totally taken aback with the videos as a proof and they cannot deny by bringing the moon to earth. How much ever they try explaining things for their misdeed at the easy availability of girls in the net, they are shameless to justify the reason for falling into the trap of girls who volunteer to be their friends.

One thing is clear it is all for the infatuation and never serious relationship. The boys mostly in their early twenties, why are they in a hurry to get into marriage when they are not in a position to be serious and mature. After all there is no age bar for marrying any body a boy or a girl!

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