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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reality Bites

Love your mother tongue at the same time do not hate other languages, says a news item

I fully endorse this statement. Especially people like me who were the victim of the hindi hatao slogan in TN sixties.

A majority of tamizhargal have spread all over the country mainly to the north, Hindi is spoken by all wheras in south [ TN,AP,Karnataka and Kerala ] one can manage with the Tamizh mostly all can either speak English or understand it.

On the contrary , north many do not speak English so we the Tamizhan have to know atleast to speak Hindi. If you see the India map, the southern part is narrow and its overall percentage is less in the physical map . So, naturally the hindi belt is vast inspite the states having their own language.

The so called Madrasi Hindi has become a laughing stock in movies, for them any south indian is a madrasi.

I have undergone the difficulty of speaking Hindi in the 70s coz I was one of the victims. With the reservation policy implemented, we ,brahmins, had no chance of getting a job and one has to look for greener pastures outside the state. Such be the case, if students have learnt the national language, it would have helped them in their career.

At least I 'm happy that the scenario has changed with many opting for Hindi as second language and it has helped in migrating to anywhere in the country.

But every one should make their children atleast speak their mother tongue at home and outside when with the same community like the malayalees.

See the reality the present CM who imposed the ban on Hindi, has to make his darling son swallow the humble pie. How , Mu. Ka Azhagiri has been made the cabinet minister, his oratory skill in Tamizh is well known, but will that do for him to address the parliament session?

He is like a school child avoiding attending the parliament due to his ignorance of Hindi, and partly English knowledge.

I hope Mu. Karunanidhi atleast sees this now to learn from his past mistakes.

IT is not too late , that's the reason many ministers kids have started attending CBSE , ICSE schools to gain advantage .

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  1. excellent thoughts. I think there is no harm in learning any language and with TV it has become very easier to learn the language you want.