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Monday, February 22, 2010

Neeyaa Naana

This is a talk show in Vijay TV which is telecasted on Sundays at 9 pm.

I am proud of saying that this is the only Tamizh show which I watch trying my best not to give a miss.

One should appreciate the variety in the topics and the participants’ and the anchor Mr. Gopinath’s deft way of handling the show. The topics are true to the reel and real life with some thought provoking.

It has been aired since a couple of years and there are special shows on national and public festivals.

The participants have no age barrier, no emotions barrier; you can talk your mind freely with no’ Bindaas’.

Here I would like to mention about some of the episodes which made me think.

Recently the show is crossing the red line, in the sense some of the discussion has reached beyond a limit putting the head in shame. For example one on LOVE talks about the love and the crush.A woman in mid forties [! ]declaring publicly about her unlimited love for her maternal uncle says that her children have motivated her to go and express her opinion, the husband, is he there mentally? Is it a show to reveal secrets in public, washing dirty kanjeevarams in the public?

The next one between Conservative mom Vs New age Mom. Here the mummies new and old express how they would address their husbands in private. Is it needed on a national show where everyone is watching? How they would feed their husbands, how intimate they are at home etc. Many points discussed were really worthy of and some dropped the jaw dead.

Coming to the real life, the participants have a family, neighbors and friends who might have watched this programme with enthuse. After the show those who spoke of their intimacy within the four walls, have to face these people in their daily life. How will they be looked by their circle of friends, relatives in future and what will be their feelings, opinions and views about them?

The main concern is, irrespective of age, there is no shame in expressing their intimacy in public. Some bring out their differences to the platform as if they are going to get some solution. Are they doing it out of concern or consciously?

What is making them to go ‘public’ in public? Is it for the short bubble fame? Or for the heck of taking part in a chat show?

Is it a counseling session going on?

Do they ever think what they do on the panel will haunt them in future?

Who has to draw the line, the participants or the producers?

I personally feel the producers of the show should have edited the ‘intimate narration’ parts for the sake of every one.


  1. Initially this show must have started off with a good intention of making people understand and realize the other side of the problems. But when the show starts becoming monotonous, they start crossing the line to keep the show going instead of bringing the show to a close! High time the producers of every show realize that it sucks when it goes on for a long time!

  2. உங்கள மாதிரி இந்த கடியை எல்லாம் பார்க்க ஆளுங்க இருக்கறது நாள தான் இப்படியும் நடக்குது கூத்து