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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Actress Ramasree has decided that without ‘that’ she is not going to give any shot today, whatever the producer may feel so.

The director was worried and he has so many things pending on his earlier project and this is the first time Ramasree is throwing temper tantrums. As soon as he has known about that, he has sent people around the remote village to get’ that’.

Ramasree is known for her acting only because of’ that’, and it is a very well known fact all over the tinsel world. She has decided and insisted that without ‘that’ she is not going to emote.

Earlier she was acting naturally but once she found out that she could be the Queen by her acting after using ‘that’. Why would anyone do it without ‘that’ when there is an option .Moreover she is known for it and her fans expect her to do so?

Time was running out and the director and the cameraman were biting their nails, there is no call sheet of Ramasree and they have to pack up before sunset. Somehow they have to take the scene before the light goes, this scene requires proper lighting.

Everyone was looking for the men to arrive who have gone to fetch ‘that’.

Almost after three hours some technicians came back with a smile and more than Ramasree it was the director and the cameraman who were quite relieved.

Finally ‘that’ was given to her; Ramasree happily used ‘that’ and gave her shots.

How much of a problem the director has to face without that - the ‘Glycerine’!


  1. Do you mean to say all the other 'oru moochu kadhais' are 'peru moochhu ones'?!