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Monday, January 25, 2010

Think Big

One should be strong enough like a kite’s thread, be flexible like a kite moving in the air, and should think high like a kite flying up in the sky.

High thinking is something always people do not do. There are very few who could do so, for others selfish motive overtakes their thinking. You need a strong mental attitude to think beyond one’s own need.

Generous people are often mistaken, as it is quite normal of human to think so. We are so much into our own world that we fail to notice someone who has high thinking, for them nothing belongs to them. Maturity of mind has moulded them to do things beyond their capacity making others keep fingers on their nose!

Only the one who has famous his/ her worldly pleasures and has no value for them can think high.

I am reminded of a story.
Some sages with their guru are on a mission to cross a river. Therefore, all of them start swimming and suddenly a girl cries for help and the guru immediately dives to bring the girl to the bank. The shishyas see this, and they are perturbed according to them sages are barred from thinking of girls - leave alone touching them, and here the guru himself is going against the set of rules..

After reaching the bank one of the shishyas say to the guru, ‘Swami, you are not permitted to do so but you have carried the girl.’ The sage replies,’ I have left her long time back on the bank but you are still holding her by your thoughts’ this is not the right way. I have rescued and let her go in her way’.

The second is what I received in one of the mails here it goes…
A man saw a poor boy looking at his beautiful expensive new car. He offered the boy a drive.

After the drive the boy said, ‘Your car is so marvellous, it must be expensive, how much does it cost?

‘I do not know, my brother gifted it to me ‘,

‘Wow, so nice of him’.

‘I know what you are thinking; you also would like to have a brother like him’.

‘NO, I want to be a brother like him ‘

Always think and act higher than the people’s expectations.

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