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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rahul ka Swayamvar

Rahul Mahajan, son of Late Pramod Mahajan, married his long time girl friend, an air hostess in Jet Airways after the death of his father. Divorced her within a year, as she accused him of wife bashing. He became the talk of the town after his estranged wife gave interviews in the media.

Later he did a stint with Bigg Boss Season 2, in Colors channel and became famous. His proximity to two of the contestants in this show made everyone see red.

Rakhi Sawant, an item girl also a participant in Bigg Boss Season 1, became overnight famous with her on stage kissing by Mika Singh. She participated in many dance reality shows and finally hit the ‘Rakhi Swayamvar’ hosted by NDTV Imagine Channel. Though it was advertised as a show ending in a marriage, it did not turn out to be. Fourteen contestants participated and put of them she chose Ilesh an NRI from Canada, and she just got engaged to him on the finale stating that she needed time to know her partner more. With him she took part in a reality show as a couple and realised that Ilesh was not the husband material, so called off the engagement.

Now on the same line Rahul is choosing his life partner in the show titled, ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le jayega’.

He is shamelessly giving interviews in the media stating that he will select his partner and definitely, unlike Rakhi will get married to his selection in the reality show itself. He has taken his mother’s consent and they are busy gearing up his new flat for his married life.

The irony is inspite of knowing his past many girls have opted for taking part in the show. What about their parents? Don’t they know his back ground, or is it for his money?

How can a person who has beaten his wife, along time friend black and blue, get into an institution of marriage? Where is the guarantee that he will not show his true colour once again? Then what would happen to the girl?
Where is the Human Rights commission? What is it doing?

He says in one of the interviews that he would make his wife laugh all the time as laughter is the best medicine and try to make her happy all the time. Secondly he will go on a honeymoon every wedding anniversary so that he makes her happy.

If this is the case why didn’t he do it for the girl whom he got married first? Is it late realisation or trying to put up a good image among the public so that they have the guts to marry him? I am really surprised to see so many contestants making a bee line for the show!

I only pray that Atleast this marriage works for him and let God give him the good reasoning power to stay with this girl for ever.

Happy Honey moon Rahul!


  1. We should not even pray for such characters and burden the GOD. These fellows are shameless jerks of the first order and they will do anything for money, so please don't waste your prayer as he is not worth of it even a bit. May be you can send him your curse ;)

  2. My only fear is these types should not become the rotten apples of the society, I pity the girl's future!