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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Present Progressive , Future tense? !

2010 has begun with a shocking and sad note that too of suicides and murders. So many suicides beginning from 11 year old to seventh class boy to grown up elders, male and female.

Each one starts questioning the reason for Neha, an 11-year-old talented girl to take such a drastic step of hanging herself with her dupatta in her own house?

Her parents had denied her taking parts in dance reality shows, ignoring her studies.

If we blame the DSP Rathore of driving Ruchika to commit suicide, then we should blame her parents for triggering her to take this extreme step. It is a murder.

The society, peer, and the parents pressurise the children to excel well, a child cannot master its mother tongue within a few months of its birth. A child is not allowed to pursue her/ his passion like Neha who was doing well in dance and she wanted to go ahead but it was nipped in bud. When the parents were so much against it, why did they allow her taking part in the first place, by encouraging her to do well and all of a sudden deprive her of the oxygen?

Children are tender and pick up fast and the TV shows, the serials have given them more to think, and the techniques are easily available thro’ media.

Coming to the other deaths, illicit relationship with the lover after the marriage, abandoning by the society, lover has made either the husband or the wife to kill the kids and commit suicide. Or as an alternative hire people to murder the husband or the wife whatever the case may be.

Only two reasons I could see, one is the mushrooming of reality shows for children, instead of encouraging them for a healthy competition, gives them the competitive spirit in a negative way, leading to suicides, nervous breakdown. Their minds are too tender to take anything strongly and not able to cope becomes a prey for the ultimate end.

The second is driven by the society consisting of parents, friends, neighbours and the competitive world pushes them to the extremes.

We should do to curb this or else we have a future Tense?

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