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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Last Laugh

’ Arre… You Jogi, the city is burning, here you are cooling your heels!’

’What is wrong with you both? Why are you both panting like a wolf?’

’ Definitely, we are fools to rush here, only we know what’s happening outside’’. ‘’ You and your book world!’’

’Hey, tell me clearly, what is the problem?’

‘The producer has copied the plot from your book,’’Tande Dimag ‘’, and the movie is making a moolah out of you idiot, here you are not aware of it’.

‘I tell you the writer Yaspal Joshi has used your script, made only a twenty percent changes, and is minting crores out of it’.

‘So what?’

‘Hey, has he gone mad or what?’

‘No, I fear his screw is loose’

’Whatever may be, we want you to address the press and as a matter of fact bring out this issue, and once for all put a full stop to this issue.’

‘Yes, dude, the channels are full of juicy news about your novel and we feel you should clear it up and ask for your rights in this story.’

‘’ Leave yaar, can’t you see I am too busy with my next novel”.’ I do not have time for all this nit picking. Let them do whatever they want to do, I have signed the contract, there ends the matter. Will you both pl. leave me alone?’

‘Come yaar, this one is incorrigible, we only wasted our time and it is useless to take up his case’.

‘Just forget and go ‘

‘Hey cool, we are leaving’. ‘You and your silly world sit in the web and enjoy scribbling and let the producers build a castle in Dubai out of your money’.

‘Bye chaps, sorry yaar.’

Ooophs, fools, they think I have not taken my share.

Which fool will forgo a palatial building in BURJ Dubai?

I already have it in my name, before signing the contract, which clearly reads.

I permit the producers the right to delete, add, alter the story to whichever way they want… the credit will appear in the end scroll.

Let the world think I am a duffer, but the best part is the controversy is also the unwritten part of the contract .

This is just an imagination how people can manipulate and take things to their advantage, based on day to day happenings.

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