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Monday, January 25, 2010

Dishonour the Honour

What is this? Nothing but what is happening in our country everyday, newspapers keep reporting whether it is infants , girls in teens, ladies or older women, Indians or foreigners no one is spared by this male dominated society. There is no age bar in this case, all are treated equally.

I am talking about the Ruthless Act of People with Evil in mind. (RAPE)

Invariably everyday there is a report of rape committed. The law takes its own time never is any justice done immediately, because of lack of evidence!

The victim already undergoes a lot of tension and on top of it has to answer the queries to prove her stand, the male accused never has to answer or undergo any turmoil. The rapist can be from within the family or an outsider, irrespective of the relation, justice should be given within a week.

People are happy that, justice is delayed but not denied, but at whose cost and when? Do we have to be content that justice has seen the light of the day?

A majority of cases are delayed owing to factors known to the judicial system only, whether it is rape, murder, politicians involvement, etc. Speeding up of the trial courts is the need of the hour.

The victims are treated in an inhuman way, putting them under a lot of pressure, on the contrary the rapist if left scot-free without an inch of shame for his disgusting act! He doesn’t have to bear the brunt nor will the society ostracise him, he is let free to commit more offence and dishonour the women. Why can’t we change the law with the exception for this offence and the punishment is given in a month’s time?

I find only two ways to punish the guilty: one is to tattoo on his forehead that he is a rapist, second is to bobbitt him. In these ways he is exposed to the insensitive society and it would act as an eye opener to one and all.

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