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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One suicide everyday is current trend in Mumbai in January [by 19 Th] alone in the age group of six to twenties.

What has happened to the innocent kids?

Who is responsible for this cruel act? Is it the parental pressure, the peer pressure, the societal pressure, or the kids themselves not able to come up to their expectations?

The children themselves have lost tolerance, patience and they want everything instantly like fast foods. They are never taught to take ‘no ‘in their life. This impatience and lack of tolerance weaken their confidence. This in turn forces them to commit suicide. The serials, the visual media add to their half knowledge wherein they show the methods of suicide thus making it easy to take life.

Whatever it is, the need of the hour is counseling by parents, teachers and the society. Failure of parents in interacting with their child is one reason; the other is the fear of facing them, in case of failure and to meet the demands of the institution pushes the child to go for this extreme step.
How many parents talk to their children everyday about the child’s likes and dislikes, one is: the parents would like to focus on what their likes and dislikes are rather than the child’s: second is transferring their fear to their child.

Parents impose their unfulfilled dreams on their children, depriving them of their freedom, which in turn creates a kind of pressure, and the child does not know how to cope with this. When the pressure mounts beyond its capacity, goes to the extreme of taking the life.

Parents should observe their children to find out any sudden changes in their routine behavior like irritability, sleeplessness, trying to be away from others, and then they should approach the counseling centers.

All they need to know is the importance of one’s life, how to face failure in life and take the failure as a stepping-stone to climb the ladder.

It is the dual responsibility of an educational institution to impart the value of life and education and the value of life in education. There should be frequent counseling done in schools by the competent persons to cater to the needs of the learners with difficulty, and at the same time, creating awareness among parents with regard to their wards is essential.

Life does not end with academics alone, when one door closes the other automatically opens. Children should also to be made to know the multiple vistas open to them in the educational field to come up in life as per their talents. For this, schools should expose the students to the multiple options available to them in the educational world.

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