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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Up Bringing

The society always blames the parents especially the mothers for the unwanted behaviour of the children. Why?

The kids grow up in the environment of friends, neighbours, peers, teachers, relatives and of course parents. Whatever the child becomes he is also partially responsible for his decision, thinking etc.

I would like to share a small story here, a husband who is a habitual drinker has two sons and one becomes a doctor and the other takes the role model from his father. Both are brought up in the same environment by the parents and how is that one becomes a doctor?

On being asked the doctor son says that he could not stand his father bashing and ill treating his mother and he decided to do good for his mother and the other one says he has been asked by his father to get drinks for him that he has become an addict like him.

Now who will you blame, the father, or the sons themselves?

It is here the individual's decision takes the major role in the grooming of oneself. How can you blame the mother for the upbringing ?

It is the society, the trend, TV, peer pressure, the fighting spirit of one's own decides whether one is going to emerge a winner or a loser!

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