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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Attending marriage functions is a delight to one and all, mainly for ladies a chance to dress to their heart's content flaunting the new additions and for men a change of feast! For children it is total freedom and no 'dos and donts' .

The wedding would have got over but the discussion will not get over for a week.
One can see the recent addition in the saree market, the ladies taking more care in avoiding the repetition of sarees. For men even if they wear the same for all time hardly anyone would notice!

Meeting the dear and near ones, getting a chance to find a lost friend, trying to figure out the natives of one's சொந்த ஊரு is a thrill.

Coming to the delicacies there is no comparision and all attend primarily for the tasty and filling items served.

Last comes the gift for the couple, many factors like the closeness of the invitees, the reciprocation, and finally the amount. Mostly it is human nature to give it off whatever one has at home and purchasing the gift comes late and mostly no one sees the utility of it.

I remember at my marriage I got mostly gods photos in a framed box . Those days that was the trend and some gave breakable plastic tumblers and plates .

Personally I feel people can aviod wall hangers ,flower vases, crockeries, photo frames. All do not display them ,they cannot be given to anyone and neither can be used. With space constraint and time needed to maintain them, it is advisable to give cash or gift cheques.
If one thinks of utility-better to give normal size bedsheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, dining, kitchen towels ,napkins, jewellery boxes ,digital diary,small suit cases, travel bags for short trips.

Atleast nowadays one has a vast choice to choose from and there are innumerable items available and if nothing else one can give gift vouchers within a period limit.

There is another side to the gifts received, that is to make a list of who gave what and when the time comes one has to return them in the same way keeping the amount in mind.

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  1. The best gift to get is, print on the invitation saying "YOUR PRESENCE IS THE BIGGEST GIFT, IF POSSIBLE WARP YOURSELF INSIDE A COLOR PAPER AND COME" :)