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Sunday, November 22, 2009

TELL ME WHY????????

Do not think wrongly about me, I am just sharing what was there in my mind for a long time from my early childhood days , I keep questioning myself and I fail to get a convincing reply for my doubts and views.

I clearly say to all that I DO BELIEVE IN GOD and the super natural power.But in inner mind I have a few queries, they are:

All pictures of Goddesses have their hair open and we who consider it inauspicious, decorate , do pooja and take aarthi? Why this hypocrisy when realty we are not allowed to do so?

Where is written that all Gods and Goddessess are/were brahmins- I do not think, lord Rama, Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, Parvathi, Lakshmi, Valli, Deivaanai, all devis like Annapoorani, Kamakshi, Visalakshi and so on .

Then why in temples they are dressed like brahmins and 'thirumaangalyam' is also worn like the brahmins, when as per the Manu tying of 'thaali' came later! why can't anyone who is neat and clean and believes in God do the pooja in temples?

The present gurukkal in temples look so unhygenic in the upkeep of their bodies, and the dhothi oh! as if it has not been washed for years! Whether it is 'kudumi' or cropped hair it should be well maintained and personal hygiene is more important sometimes it is disgusting to see them. But can you avoid?

[out of context-recently in a bakthi channel a concert [ in Sankara matam ]by two brothers were there and lo they with only their veshti with the angavasthram tied around their hips were raising their hands while singing. It would put even the men folk to hang their heads down, what to talk of women who attended the concerts! personally I feel they should have taken care of their public appearance.]

We know their caste or background and to my knowledge all their births are not out of proper relationship, either drinking something, born out of this ,that and ......

Then why such a hue and cry for surrogacy,IVF conceptions etc?

Thirdly ,' gaandarva' marriages were so familiar and quite common in those days itself and there was non-acceptance by the society, running away, eloping , taking the support of other family members were predominant!. Inter caste, low-high caste, untouchables etc were also there.

Then why such a furore for inter-caste, love marriages? It is after all a bondage between two people who decide to live their life on their own, it is their responsibility to gel and adjust their life?

Frankly speaking I have given and seen devotees giving money for the
''abhishekam'' in temples, and they do with milk, honey, coconut water, sugar, curd, rosewater, sandalwood powder, turmeric and ghee. And the best thing is all these are mixed together in most temples and a little portion is given to the visitors and the rest is thrown out.

So many people struggle for a square meal and so many kids go without milk or food. Then why can't we the society put an end to this practise in doing this instead the temple authorities can use up a small negligible portion and the rest can be given as prasad or distributed among the poor.

But which temple will do away and start new?


  1. I second your thoughts in this. GOD is not asking him to shower him with all those ingredients, if those stuffs can be used to full fill a hungry stomach, he will be much more happy, than pouring over his idol.

  2. i am happy that there are others who think like me !!!!!!!