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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Mazhai [மழை ] once upon a time was my favourite and i liked drenching in rain, drinking the rain water directly by opening the mouth, now i hate getting drenched.

I enjoy watching when it rains, the slanting drops, the direct pour and the thick foggy scenery it creates. Especially after coming to Bangalore it is மழையே மழை in my enjoyment of nature.
Bangalore to my knowledge and experience one can see the 3 seasons, rainy, summer and winter alltogether in a day!

It is really a gift to see only a part to get rain and may be some 50 meters away there will be no rain and one keeps wondering how is it possible. Many times I have seen people in two wheelers driving with their raincoats on. All of a sudden one cannot decide to go out without taking clothes from the balcony.
Suddenly it will be cold with the chillness enveloping the city, sometimes the rain bringing humidity. Atleast two times in a span of 6 years I have collected the hailstones .

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