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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Joy of Giving

Many of us would like to hoard things but I find pleasure in giving them when they are in good condition.

Though they have emotional aspects, if it is of no use now, no value , why to store them?

I prefer clearing them of their redundancy to create space, and the joy of seeing others use them gives immense pleasure; those things have a great value and they are badly in need of them.
They can be old dresses, electronic items, food grains, kitchen utensils, crockery sets, old furniture pieces, bags, suitcases, daily wear and tear, chappals, empty cartons, stationery items etc. you think and you get plenty.

Unwanted and un used things do not bring rather they make the positive energy standstill.
This way you keep your house as per vaasthu.

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