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Monday, October 26, 2009

Life without HER

I am Charlie , the great Charlie for the next few minutes you are going to listen to me talking about my favourite 'her' .

She came into my life the day I passed my exams and as promised my parents introduced her to me . How can I forget my first meeting! She was a treat to me in my prime days! I was longing to be with her, and lo she is in front of me with all her beauty.
Leaving out that day [ I was captivated by her beauty] the other days I made it a point to spend time with her leaving the eating and sleeping time. Nights I never missed to kiss her 'good night' , of course when no one was around. Though my father teased me for not leaving her, I made it a point to spend maximum time with her otherwise once I take up the job, I may not get time to spend with her.
After sunset I regularly took the ECR road to enjoy her company, I do not have words to express the smooth ride with her all along the road kicking up speed. No mobile, no parents, no friends. It is a joyful memorable ride. Many times my friends insisted that they accompany me but I firmly said 'NO'. Arre, how can you allow someone to intrude in your privacy?
I can boldly say that all one need to enjoy what I said is just to possess. ' '' Bajaj Pulsar ''Now read with the bike in stead of 'her'

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