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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Appa, we have lost you!

The final day had come; I am talking about ( I mean ) appa’s peaceful entry into the abode of Lord Shiva on Tuesday, 6th Oct, 2009 at 8.14 am at the age of 86+. (Though for quite a few days towards his end my silent prayer was only about his peaceful end for him.)

Towards Appa's last days , he was going thru a lot of suffering , with severe nausea and vomitting , and he could not eat even small quantities of solid food . I started praying silently that Appa should go peacefully without further suffering . All that I prayed was that death should embrace him either when he was talking or in his sleep. In a sense none of us could see him bed-ridden and get into more complications like bed-sore or in state of coma or suffer in the end.

( We all know pretty well that Appa does not like to be a nuisance to anyone or a hindrance to any family function - more so when Athimber's SATHAABHISHEKHAM and Kaushik's wedding are just round the corner ) . Hoping against hope , all of us solemnly prayed , though very selfishly , that Appa should live through both the events , and give his BLESSINGS to his dear sister and grandson .

Even in his death ,with all the pain and untold sufferings , Appa's eager desire was that the two functions should take place without any hindrance or ‘ vignam’; till a few days back he wanted to participate in these functions.

Suddenly he must have realised that he may not survive for long and he must have sensed that the end was near when he submitted to God's will and passed off peacefully .

He was always a FACILITAOR to everybody . He could sustain this quality even in his death enabling a lot of people to attend his funeral, other related rituals and the two grand events to follow soon , without hurting anyone's sentiments .

All of us were unanimous in our single-minded dedication to our duty to our DEAR FATHER , whose affection , concern , support , advice and unstinted and unalloyed love for his children , grandchildren , great grand children are the biggest legacies he has given us .
Appa hope you are satisfied with our work .

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