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Friday, September 18, 2009

Mind- Swifter than Air

What a peculiar thing
Never stable, ever swaying
Never ready and steady.

Expects goody- goody things
Flies everywhere with wings
Fastest of all is mind.

Yearns for fresh air, if the wind is cool,
The wind is breeze, if it is violent,
The wind is squall.

Friends butter words of praise,
Foes utter words of criticism,
Why can’t be the other way?

Aims for good things to happen,
So selfish, but store
Bad things for others.

Sees evil in others.
Mere reflection of oneself,
Don’t find a wise companion.
Walk like a lonely elephant
Rather, to walk with a fool,
Fall into a pool.

Life is a flower:
Loses its charm and colour
Withers, and gives room for another.

Mind – Search for your tree,
Sit under the shadow of peace,
Don’t migrate or hibernate.
Be steady and firm
No wind can change the mind
Swifter than air
Not to get into a snare
In your forest of mind.

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