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Friday, September 18, 2009

Arrows of Death - poem

I am the chosen ONE. Arrow of death,
In-flight reaching me. Here I am walking
In the Royal road to Heaven.
I am an instrument in the hands of
GOD, His own work, His own way.

I wiped away my tears from my eyes,
No sorrow, no crying, no pain. He
Broke the umbilical Cord- I flew
Only with my simplicity and purity
To the other unknown world!

He relieved me of my people.
With sweet coated words, and actions
Insulted and cheated me.
I found fault with others,
Failed to find my own.

Failed to love plants, air, wood,
Creatures, birds and animals,
Loved only ME, I’ve paid folks,
Cry not, love all.
The arrow of Death might be reaching
You any time!

May. 1996

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