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Friday, September 18, 2009

Where is Life?

Where is life?

Life is a heaven
If you plant seven
Saplings in your street,
As if giving a treat.

Trees are friends
Help you in distress
Like a mistress.

Learn to be unselfish
Like tall green trees
Give you shade, breeze
Pleasant memories.

Raise your voice
Against felling of trees
Cut off ties with
Man who cut off trees.

Give swish, swish breeze
Are your friends
Mourn for their death.

Imagine life without
Chirping of birds, flowers
Glowing in the sunlight
Soft sounds of water flowing
In the rivers. Sky filled with music
Air spraying perfume.

Educate the environmental
Rapist, the values of trees,
The changing seasons,
Discarding of robes,
Arise, awake, raise
Your voice against
Felling off trees.

Jan 1996, poem

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