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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mad(e) for each other

Ah, what a wonderful pair!!

This is one type of reaction when we attend a marriage reception, and it automatically comes out from our mouth.

Some do make a really made for each other in complexion, height, build, overall personality, but some it will make you heave a sigh,’ oh God!’.

I remember, once there was a person who had a love marriage, hosted a dinner party for his colleagues. Many at least a 10% people who attended did not take part in the dinner, just handed over the gift after a brief hello. They skipped the dinner. The reason was simple, though it was a love marriage, whoever came out said,’ Love is really blind!’

The groom really looked like a prince charming with a beautiful height, wonderful complexion, and sharp features. Next to him was the look alike of Shiva Dhanu [those who know the suicide killer of Rajiv Gandhi] no way a match for him, she was short, dark and with the teeth seen. Many could not digest the love pair as for them they are no match in any way.

Some later expressed their opinion and he being a Brahmin openly said that his parents did not approve of his choice, for that matter anyone who could have a common sense and sensible would have thought for a second before deciding. I am not sure till today whether he had any visitors at his home after marriage, whether they are happy even now.

(I would like to clearly say one thing that I am totally not for any caste or colour, but when one chooses one should also see to some extent the overall
impression he / she is going to present.)

You can quote Amithabh- Jaya jodi, Rajnikant-Lata, for contrast, MSS –Sadasivam for proper match.

Normally for the Amithabh type we call ‘guilly –danda’, for Rajni type-‘pachcharisi-ellu’, for MSS type ‘deiveega’ Jodi.

Coming to the offspring, it is strange and funny to see them. They may be a combination of both or only one. Sometimes one gets the complexion but a dull face, the other may be dark but with good features. God is great; He creates with some kind of balance in them. Some resemble exactly the parents and you do not have to swear to vouch for their birth.

As per my daughter, it is always the second child who is fairer than the first one, she had taken a survey with the family and friends circle. Her bad luck in my house it is the other way around, with my son fairer than her. One cannot call her dark but wheatish. According to her a boy does not need to be fair, but she has chosen a fair husband, and her daughter is fairer than her husband.

Finally, at the end of the day it is the quality of the spouse which is going to help in the harmony of the family.

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