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Friday, September 25, 2009

Wake Up Basu !

Ramaswamy aka Raman in his late forties did not know how to talk about the marriage in his house to his son, Baskar. Baskar is doing his intern in Stanley medical and he stays in a hostel. Baskar’s mother, Visalam left this world due to fire accident when Baskar was just 8 yrs old.

Fortunately, Raman had his parents and Anna, manni with him. It was a joint family. He never once experienced the difficulty in bringing up Baskar. His brother had only two daughters. Every one in the family showered affection.

Now, his elder brother and manni have gone to live with their daughters in States, with aged mother with him in 'Kallidai kurichhi', he thought the best way to help his mother is to bring the’ Lakshmi’ in the house.

He has expressed his wishes to the local kalyana tharagar and he has brought many horoscopes with the photos to him. He randomly selected a few and narrowed it to three best after consulting his mother. His mother pestered him to talk to Baskar about this.

His mother is of the opinion that ‘shubasya seekram’is the best; before the start of 'margazhi '[Dec 15 th to Jan 14 th] Raman should get the green signal from his son so that the marriage can be performed by ‘thai’ month.

Somehow after mustering courage, Ramaswamy set out to Chennai on an auspicious day with the photos and details of the prospective brides in his bag.

Here I have to tell you about Baskar. He was pampered a lot but not without the values being incorporated. He was made to understand by his grand parents, the trouble and the hardships his father has to under go in bringing him up. Raman was damn sure that Baskar will not say no to his proposal.

Baskar is the 'acchhu' [resemblance] of the thatha – Venkittu and he is Patti’s pet, he has never said ‘no’ to Patti. Patti poured mother’s love over him and both have become friends.

Raman reached Baskar’s hostel un- announced and so his room mate opened the room for him to wait for Baskar.

It was a surprise for Baskar when his room- mate Vipul told him about his father’s arrival, coz in the past 5 years his father has come only three times, it is almost a year his father had come last. He would visit Chennai, whenever he had to attend a function.

After completing the class, Baskar came to his room. He found some thing strange and unusual calm in the room, normally his father would talk about Patti and the eatables she has sent and other family matters.

With the concern in his voice,' Enna appa, are you not feeling well?’’

‘m….m... nothing like that, Basu. How are you? How is your study going on?’

‘Fine appa, nothing to worry, with this year, I will almost be free. Enna appa suddenly this time?’

‘Actually, Patti and I were talking for quite some time, but I do not know how to start this topic’.
Appa, tell me and be frank, do not prolong this suspense, could you come to the point directly, instead of beating around the bush?

‘See, Patti is also getting old, with your perima, perippa not in
town; we are finding it difficult to manage the house’.

‘So, what? Is this not happening for the last six months? And it is nothing new!’

Who said so? But now we feel the difficulty with all the festivals in line. You are also nearing thirty; we feel the need of a ‘gruha lakshmi’ who would take up the responsibility of running the household, taking care of you, me and Patti.

‘But, appa’……..

[Cutting him half way…] ‘See Basu, I give you a week’s time. I have sat with Patti and narrowed it to three ‘varans’ and photos are also there’.

‘But do not sit over it, the sooner the better’. ‘We have to have the GLC arranged, and further finding a suitable muhurtham is also difficult’.

‘Appa don’t you think it is too early’? I have to decide about my future’

‘Kanna, Patti and I decided thinking about what is good for all of us’.

‘But appa, I have my compulsory rural duty in six months time, how is it possible? Neither can I take her nor can I leave her’! ---------------

‘Appa, this is something funny, why should I marry in the first place if I am going to be away from her’?

‘Who is asking you to marry’? ‘I am just asking you to help me in selecting your ‘chithi’ for me’. And I am talking about my second marriage!!!! Hi folks,

Baskar is still unconscious, Pl wake him up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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