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Saturday, September 19, 2009

TV serials contd.,

In Tamil serials, all the characters know only one thing that is to shout to deliver the dialogues, or drag and pause to deliver them. In either way you lose interest, and it always woven around the female characters and all the husbands are hen pecked and have no voice at all. It is always extreme either you have hitlerian husband material or totally surrendered husbands!

Coming to the house in serials, I remember an independent bungalow [in ECR?] which came in ‘SAHANA’ in Jaya TV, had appeared in’ Anandam’’ Sorgam’ and one more serial which succeeded the 'Anandam' in Sun. Recently maybe 6 months back in' Kolangal' also. The funniest part is the upholstery, they do not even change it, and for 3 years they had the same light blue, yellow combined ones in the hall. Though I do not watch whenever I came across people watching I never forget to see this. Frankly speaking I watched 'Sorgam', 'Shahana', and Kolangal' with breaks in between – [new to Bangalore and Tamil serials in noon] the house which appeared in 'Anandam' is shown in Kolangal.

The mega serials are like Draupadi’s sari with never ending episodes, the director some times drags due to TRP but ends up in a dilemma in concluding the story coz he himself is confused and caught in the maze of characters.

Regarding the NEWS, telecast it is always throwing accusations and mud slinging, it is interesting to watch Jaya and Kalaignar news: they never come out in open what is their party’s contributions to the state or even the MLAs and MPs achievements for those who elected them. For a change why do they not show their good things did for the state people rather than blaming the others? A bad work man blames the tools.

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