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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Always Negative Generated Ego Rules ---- ANGER

Anger is one of the worst forms of expressions. It harms the one who gets angry than the angered. He is the first victim by generating anger, who loses total control of himself and his emotions at that time overrules his sense.

Why do people get angry in the first place? There are so many inside and outside factors which trigger anger. When something not of their wish / choice, undesirable happenings occur, without rime or reason one gets annoyed, or the effect of previous incident makes one angry.

It could be one has to face humiliation, face obstacle, insults, become a scape goat and thus become a victim of anger. Some think they have every right to get angry, but do not think so of others. Is it that they are privileged to do so? It is really impossible to control anger, but it is possible to get angry, however the degree can be minimal.

The opponent has no control over the other one’s anger, the best one can do is to avoid confrontation and do not respond. If you can’t change people’s attitude, either you change or take it as it is.

To overcome anger, in the first place, one needs to find out the reason for getting angry within oneself. Ask some questions like is it necessary and am I going to get the desired result, is the situation going to improve in what way.

The best method is once you know that you are sensing the danger of anger try to put off your actions or words for a few minutes, divert your mind from the trigger, remain calm and cool.

The more important thing is to introspect one’s action after getting angry. This is very essential for one’s future. Act in haste, repent in leisure goes the saying and there is no use in crying over spilt milk! Surprisingly one can find out that one could have very well avoided the show -down.
There is always a solution and the best thing is to explain calmly and with patience to the other person and who knows one can be the Example for overcoming anger! Free yourself from this MAD ANGER.

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