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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For Teachers from one of them

Teachers are the ultimate key to educational adaptation and school improvement. Teachers are under constant scrutiny of the triangle i.e.; parents, society and management. There is a demand for accountability of the teachers in the overall development of their students. The teacher too is accountable, provided justice is done to him/her in evaluating his/her work. A word of appreciation injects a great deal of enthusiasm in a teacher.

A teacher may be assessed both inside and outside the classroom as his /her commitment is directly correlated to hopes, dreams, aspirations and opportunities, all of which have to be exhibited. Moreover, the teacher has to bear a dignified relationship with colleagues working together for a common cause or working in isolation.

Unlike a factory or a business house, a teacher produces non-tangible products.

The following can be taken into consideration:
Maintenance of record so Innovative instructional material. Demonstration of stimulating lessons. Accepting unsuccessful attempts and improving upon for the next. Covering the course without pressure on pupils. Having a stock of interesting activities, exercises, competence in work. Adequate classroom discipline. Lessons giving a feeling of general effectiveness. Good rapport with pupils, parents.The feedback can be derived from coordinators, a sample of pupils and parents, apart from the random physical verification of notebooks, test papers and classroom activities, experiments etc.

Regarding the teacher in general, some work hard to be a 'good' teacher, while others teach particularly for earning a living with comforts and perform their duties mechanically.
A teacher can be assessed on the following: An enduring commitment to the profession. Accepting constructive criticism and thereby improving upon.
At ease with colleagues.At ease with parents and students in general.
Dealing effectively with disciplinary problems.
Not panicking during moments of difficulty.
Mixing with colleagues and get help in times of need and vice-versa.
Maintaining a balance between demands of work, family and personal interests.
At ease in relation with the department head and the principal.
Coping with ease last minute assignments.
Positive attitude towards interference.
Spending extra time beyond school hours for completing tasks.
Finally, sticking to the ethics of the teacher.

Every coin has two sides so also one's career. When one looks for rewards, one should also be prepared for punishments where it is inevitable. An oral warning in a friendly manner is considerate, when at the same time, the scolding must be sent across as effectively even as a word of praise. In spite of the warning, if the act is repeated by the teacher, withholding of the perks, facilities, will of course be appreciated. (Praise in public, reprimand in private.)

A teacher is adjudged by the manner of instructions. The teacher's influence on the scholastic achievements of pupils is one of the yardsticks for better monitoring of the professional. If he/she is available, efficient, satisfied, the influence will be more on pupils, and many will succeed even in most difficult situation. It lies in the hands of the management to make the individual teacher to feel and cherish an impression that he has achieved something worthy of his earnest efforts with positive acceptance. With this feeling, he can weave a web of success around him.

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