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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mercy Killing

Euthanasia should be legalized. Conceptually and factually near to euthanasia, is the medically assisted suicide. One of the defining characters of euthanasia is therefore its aim to reduce suffering.

Sometimes, it is believed that the request for a euthanasic intervention or assisted suicide by patients is directly proportional to the seriousness of their disease, and to their suffering.: a government cannot authorize to taking a life, but it is not taking one’s life, on the contrary choosing between suffering and the desire to die. The patient’s request is therefore considered a "necessity" that makes the physician practicing euthanasia non-prosecutable.

Actually, such a position introduces in the legal system a sharp discrimination between healthy life –which has to be protected – and ill life. Such a law gives the conscious and major patient the chance to request for euthanasia when terminally ill or with untreatable pain.

Thus, it is accepted the possibility that even other people may sign a request for euthanasia on behalf of the incapacitated patient and in the presence of witnesses. Finally, it would relieve the patient’s relatives mentally, physically, financially and emotionally from the grip of fear.

I hope the Society for the Right to Die with Dignity ( SRDD )does something in this regard and relieves the patients to die in a dignified way!

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