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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

List of major events in our culture of wedding


List of major events in our culture of wedding
Here are the details of major events that are gonna happen in our wedding...


The wedding rituals formally begin with prayers offered to ancestors to seek their and God's blessings for the upcoming wedding. This usually takes place in the early morning hours of the day before the wedding day. A sacred yellow thread it tied on the wrists of the bride and the groom. This is followed by the 'palika' ceremony, where nine varieties of grains are sprinkled on the bride and groom, to bless them with prosperity. At the end of the function, an 'aarthi' ceremony is performed.

Janavasam/"maapillai azhaippu" - The Procession

-There are some functions in a wedding ceremony which are vaideekam and some are loukeekams. Vaideekam has to be followed to the letter and loukeekam can take a backseat.
Vritham, Kanyakadanam, Mangalya dharanam and sapthapathyare vaidekamamnd essential. There is one PRAVISYA  HOMAM just before nuptials which is also a vaidikaam  requirements. 
Nowa days, there is no sanctity for all the functions and they hae become SOUKARTHAM ( according toconvenience)
Janavasam is only to show to the public that this is the groomwho will wed the bride. If any opinion about the groomcan be provided to the bride's side if it is important and also a caution to them if necessary.
Nichayathartham is also a repetition of Marriage fixing. But we have an opportunity to avoid the function  from either of the side. 
Kasi yathra is  bringing the groom from Kashi. Is this a required in the present scenerio?  Similarly oonjal  and Nalangu. 
In olden days,  it was balya vivaham. Therefore, these  events are held for entertaining the ladies and the ladies have an opportnity to exhibit their talents. One can observe that afterMala maatral, all gents move to the hall while oonjal taks place.
The loukeekams are avoidable and should be avoided and both the paarties should agree to conduct the wedding conducted in a religiously and asa family function and give a reception for the near and dear. 
This will  save a lot on bride's side (?) and wastage can be reduced.

K S Subramanian  

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