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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lalgudi and Mahaperiava

The year was 1975. Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman and his wife went to Theynambakkam to have His darshan. There was sadness in the air at that place that day. Reason being, Periyava was dissatisfied with the actions of a kainkarya person and hence decided to confine Himself in one of the rooms and was in Kashta Mounam. No water or bhiksha for Him. He did not interact with anybody.
Lalgudi started off with a song in Syama raga, which was one of His favourite! Later he started to play on the violin 'Sabapathikku veru Deivam samanam aguma' (can any God compare with Lord Sabapathi (Nataraja) of Chidambaram?)
While he was playing the line 'krupanidhi ivarai pola' ('The Compassionate One like Him') in an engrossed manner, in different types of sangathi ie singing the same line in many different ways, the window of the room in which Swamigal was present got opened!
As the song was drawing to a close, the door also got opened! Swamigal came out of the room with His Hand raised in blessings!
Lalgudi and the others with him were transported to the seventh heaven!
Yes, today April 22nd is the mukthi day of violin maestro Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman. He had reached His Lotus Feet in the year 2013.

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