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Friday, April 10, 2015

Health Tips part 48

Always chew a cardamom while going outside home in sun to protect against heat stroke.
An amazing cure for migraine is ginger tea. Ginger is very effective in relieving migraines.
Boil a few meithi seeds in water and leave overnight, drink this water when you feel uneasy due to acidity.
Grated, uncooked potato, calms down the burnt area so apply as first aid
Cardamom gives instant relief from the headache. Apply the paste over forehead for quick relief.
For burns ,spray cold water on the affected area for the heat to settle, then  spread the egg whites onto the affected area.
For sun burn , make a thick paste with a bit of cornstarch and two  good , cold cucumbers  and  apply .
Garlic reduces the frequency of colds and flu without any side effects. 
Ginger tea is a very good cure for cold.
Including raisins in everyday diet would gradually help to reduce blood pressure.
Kidney beans are effective home remedy for kidney stones.
Raw coconut when chewed cures the mouth ulcer.
The seeds and juice of pomegranates act as a natural remedy for kidney stones.
To alleviate sinus pressure and open up the nasal passages , soak a hand towel in hot water and place it on your face.
To get quick relief from muscle cramps in the legs at night, take half a  teaspoon of rock salt with a glass of water.
To get relief from throbbing headache, put a headband, bandana or something similar on your forehead and tie it to the back of the head.
To lower or to regulate blood sugar consuming garlic is good.
To reduce the possibility of strokes and blood clots , have garlic in your menu . But do not forget to consult your physician in case of medication for any ailments.
To strengthen your immunity have yogurt in your daily diet.
Turmeric acts as a powerful natural pain reliever in healing as well effective in cooking ! Either taking orally or applying proves effective.
Use sprouts as a healthy side dish or as an evening snack. Sprouting improves the digestibility of pulses and grains
Yogurt has a protective effective on gums and teeth.

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