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Thursday, January 29, 2015

I will come with you wherever You go!"

Once I got up at 2.30 am and unable to sleep further. Wanted to brush my teeth but I remember Him say that all work must be undertaken only *after* 3 in the morning and not before that. After it was 3, I started to brush my teeth. Opposite to where I was, there was a bungalow belonging to Nangavaram Pannai and it had a "Thitti Vaasal" which is a rectangular kind of place to sit in front of houses those days. I suddenly saw a Leg step out of the entrance. Then I saw the second Leg too. And then the Body. It was the Sarveshwaran!
Hurriedly I flushed my mouth and ran out. He was in Kashta Mounam. He was walking on the street and I began to follow Him. He realized I was behind and looked back at me. I ran to the front and did a namaskaram to Him. He made a gesture at me. I said I am also coming. He made another gesture. I could immediately understand the language of the Lord. I replied, "I will come with you wherever You go!"
He started to move. I followed. There was a small stream of water ahead. He climbed down into it to cross. I also followed suit. It is pitch dark at 3.15 in the morning. He was carrying a torchlight. Immediately He started to walk backwards, facing me and showed the torchlight on the path so that it will be convenient for me! Oh, my mother.
We crossed the small stream and walked further ahead. I could see Cauvery. It was new moon day, Amavasya. Hence He was carrying 2 or 3 clothes on His shoulder to wet them as any cloth that is made wet on Amavasya days is always Pure. He climbed down the steps into Mother Cauvery. Made a Chakram and had a Dip. I too had a dip nearby. We were the only Two! People from the Mutt came with lamps looking for Him. He left those two clothes there by the bank and left for the Mutt. I too followed Him. There is a tradition that women should remove their 9 yard saris (madisaar in Tamil) when they have snanam in the Cauvery. But I did not remove it. I had my dips with the Sari on me. It was all the ruling of Sarveshwaran that time! No words were exchanged between Him and me. Not necessary!
I have been blessed two or three times by Him to take snanam alone with Him. Shankara.
Translation of the tamil narration of the so blessed Vepatthur Patti.
"I will come with you wherever You go!" --- She said this to Him! Shankara.

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