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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Aandavan Pichai

Smt Saraswathi Thyagarajan mami is another Periyava devotee whose interview will be done and posted here very soon . She recently mentioned about another great lady – “Aandavan Pichai” (God’s alms).
Andavan Pichai is another contemporary woman composer who composed in Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit. It is said that her vision of Lord Muruga was the impetus behind her compositions. One of the well known songs for all us “Ullam Urugudhayaa” was composed by you but got lot popular after TMS sang that song. She is also an ambal upasaki. She has composed a Tamil version of Soundarya Lahari. It is believed that she composed a poem on ambal while she was delivering her child!
It seems that this great soul has been born with a special devotion and a blessing from divinity from childhood. Once when Mahaperiyava was visiting her place, everyone in her street were standing outside with poorna kumbam etc. Her parents were also one among them. When Periyava approached and told her father, “Go and call the girl who is washing the dishes inside”…”She is not an ordinary girl…She is Aandavan Pichai”. After she came out Periyava accepted the poorna kumbam and blessed her. This incident was narrated by one of the people who were there at that time…(I dont have a proof for this!). In her last days, she went to rishikesh and attained siddhi.
So many great souls – so connected with Periyava….

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