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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Geopathic Stress in Vaastu

        Geopathy is a Greek word where ’Geo’ means ‘Earth’
        and ‘pathos’ means ‘disease.  In other words it is the            ill health of the earth or the ill effects of the energy             which emanates from the earth at  certain sites.

When to suspect geopathic stress in a
a. If there is palpitation or increase in the pulse rate after spending some time in a building and if pulse rate returns to normal once the person moves away from the building.
b. A damp smell coming from any part of the building without any evidence of dampness.
c. If any part of the floor feels cold compared with the rest of the building.
d. If cats frequent the building or come to stay there.
e. If bees come and start a hive.
f. If ants or termites make a home
g. A dog barking at night with no apparent reason looking in a particular direction at South or Southwest.
h. Frequent accidents in a particular bathroom, stairs etc.
Even if the accidents takes place in different rooms which is uncommon, you have to suspect geopathic stress clouds in the premises. 
Do not forget that a lingering geopathic stress can be cause of an accident out side the building. The stress clouds are locked negatively charged energy fields. They may lock themselves in a particular point like in bathroom or over the stairs. They may also be floating round in a circle inside a building but never leaving it. In this case they canbring disease and affect one family member or the other. You can suspect a stress cloud if one misfortune be falls another or one member after another is affected in a house hold.
How are stress clouds created ?
There could be several reasons. Commonly they are created by constructing a building by loading positive zones like the northeast sector first and trying to advance towards the southwest. In this case, the weakened northeast sector allows negative energy to dominate the building. Subsequently, closure of this building by construction in south and west areas locks up the excessive negative energy and creates a cloud.
You will notice a lock of this energy field in two stages.
Firstly the construction will get delayed, there will be cost over runs and strained relationships between the builders and the owners. Sometimes there will be accidents of working personal also.
However, there is another possibility of a negative cloud
forming inside a structure. In this case a family could have lived in the structure for a number of years without any problem. The second person who occupies this structure could have the effect of the negative cloud if the earlier family had a member who was very much attached to the house and who reluctantly left it. This normally happens in case of distress sale of residential or commercial building where the owner has developed sentimental feelings for the building. The same phenomenon could also surface where an older person suffers in humiliation and dies. Note that geopathic clouds are not created when there is a suicide or violent death. It needs a continuous release of negative thought forms to form a cloud which can take several months to years. The best way to handle the geopathic stress created causing problems due to
locked up negative field from these is to have a pyramids which can create a higher positive energy field inside and neutralize the negative cloud. This is a very effective and safe measure and an inexpensive one too.


Every plot is covered with the peculiar type of energy and universal magnetic field. If there is a wall around the plot it creates an energy level and magnetic field inside the plot. If there is no compound wall the benefits of energy level and the magnetic field are not obtained. At least in the West and the South sides there should be a thick high compound wall. In the North and the East a thinner compound wall of a lesser height can serve the purpose. Instead of this if there is a wire fencing in the East and the North these directions will be open which is more beneficial.
If the plot is square(length and breadth are equal) the energy
level inside the plot is obtained in proper proportion beneficially.If the plot is rectangular in shape, energy level is
obtained at a medium level. Of course for travelling from
the North- East to the South -West corner the energy
waves have to cover more distance. Due to this intensity
of the magnetic field is reduced. 
Energy Level Inside the Plot
It is now time to acquaint the students with the various directions. Most of the people find it difficult to
even identify the North, South, East and West
directions. To make it easier for them the following is
Stand in the centre of the plot and face the early rising
Sun. You are now facing East. Raise your left arm to
shoulder length. It is now pointing towards North. Raise
your right arm like wise. Your right arm is now pointing
towards South. Your back is where the
West is.
If the road is already formed and the buildings are
coming up in line with the road the above directions are
sufficient to proceed further. If however the lay out is
not made, or in a farm house, or in a Industrial plot one
has to take the help of a Magnetic Compass.

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