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Monday, September 1, 2014

Retired life ..........

''Appa, what is need for you to have your bath now?''

''Appa, you get ready to leave Sumi at the bus stop''

''Thatha, please, fill water in my bottle''.

Retired person is sent for running errands , a watch dog at home, and a permanent home stayer. Kids can be left at their care,,, the parents are asked to monitor their grand children,

.....most of the joint family has once or twice the dialogue at home.People somehow think retired means derailing from the routine, it's not so for all.

Some are used to relax and have a different schedule after retirement, one way it's good but it might come in the way of  others especially the ladies of the house, where they would always end up in the kitchen.

 The news paper is snatched , bath is delayed, afternoon nap is disturbed, evening walk and chatting with like minded friends goes awry.

It might bring down an active person if he does not have any hobbies or pastime. It would be a blow to the one who never bothered to help while in service. Others take it in their stride and walk along peacefully. 

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