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Monday, September 1, 2014

Marriage has always been a lottery.........

Marriage has always been a lottery '' is it so?

 May be  for the current generation.... could have been for my generation... thanks to the arranged marriages of my it is even more so. 

Atleast in lottery you have the chance of winning for the last four digits, two digits etc but in a marriage nothing of the sort... it's do or divorce... die worse?. 

Recently a niece of mine came with a sad face stating two of her friends' marriage on the rocks, one love and arranged marriage, the next one arranged .  The third one just three days left for the marriage, the mom in law told sternly that she would not tolerate her daughter in law cutting her hair in future!

Another girl seemed to be pleading with her in laws not to cancel the marriage just a week left for the wedding and that too holding the call from 7 am the time she reached her office to lunch time, crying as her parents have already spent a lot. So my niece is scared of her marriage, her parents have just started thinking of her marriage! 

I told her marriage is a lottery and it all depends on one's fate.Everywhere chances for a successful marriage and failure possible at all times. Marriage is a mere  testing of adjustment and tolerance between two and one especially a girl should always remember that she is not only getting married to her husband but also to his family .

Of late many cases of divorces, breakups, separation are on the rounds.

I have been hearing so many incidents where the girls call off after the engagement invariably everywhere the reason was parental pressure to agree when in reality they - the girls already chose their partners and would like to go ahead in life.If such be the case it's absurd and ridiculous on the parts of parents to go for the engagement. It ruins two families  and imagine how much the boy's side have to convince the girls side in future.

 Why should first of all force their daughters to  nod their heads for their choice? 

Where is the status in the society? 

Which is better- to call off after the engagement or agree for the love marriage? Whose life is it?

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