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Monday, August 18, 2014

Senior citizens , how are you?

To day you have senior citizens account, some concessions and privileges, section,Tax rebate,   queue, etc., etc.,.......

Finally mushrooming senior citizens homes.A separate episode , discussion, debate in TV ... 

The focus is on them blaming their wards for negligence!.

Senior citizens  throw tantrums, as they age,and are very rigid and even at that age their ego hurts. When they know they cannot do most of the things independently in this mad world,they  keep holding to their habits so tightly and are not ready to relax for the sake of their own children.

 Every generation sees a different world with  a different living style, atmosphere,  the much changing and demanding societal requirements.

Their children become independent financially and they do not look up to their parents on the contrary, it's the parents who need the support of children especially for their medical aid with Alzheimer, Parkinson, Hypertension, heart problem what is not there, you mention and they get them.  Loss of hearing, sight, kidney failure, etc etc waiting to jump on you. They need to fend for themselves. an unwritten law. 

Though everyone knows one day one has to die the mere news of the demise of  family member, , friends, close acquaintance...etc bring their morale down and they do not know how to overcome their grief. . 

It's important to have an occupation after retirement.It's just giving an opportunity to the  next generation to take over and retirement does not mean retiring from one's routine. One should take the leaf from other senior citizens who do remarkably well in some spheres of life and should consider it as a challenge and try to take the plunge. This way brain and body becomes active. One's activity and enthusiasm would definitely boost other brooding persons. Here at this  stage you do not have to think about the risks involved, as you and your children are not dependent on each other, time and spirit is  at your disposal.

Each one can decide on their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects and act accordingly. At this age too   you can have  live and let others  live .

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